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Lady Raven is a born Empath, Wiccan High Priestess and Vodou Priestess and uses her gifts as such to aid her clients in her readings.

She uses a combination of empathy, Archangel Communication, Animal Spirit guides and even Lwa’s to bring you guidance and direction in any area of your life.  A card reader for over 10 years, she can help you find answers to overcoming obstacles in life as well as aiding in spiritual growth.  Although Lady Raven can help open to door to different paths, it is up to you to decide ultimately where you want your life and spiritual path to go.

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All services can be performed in person at her store in Rock Hill, SC, over the phone, over skype or Google hangouts.  You can book your reading now (Book Now) or call 803-818-2133 to schedule an appointment! If you have already booked and would like to pre-pay (you can also pay when you arrive) you can pre-pay here.  Lady Raven provides the following services:

Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are performed using a modified Celtic Cross method.  These readings are generally long and detailed.  Customers do not need to have specific questions for these readings, as they are excellent tools to get a broad overview of your current life situation and possible paths available to you.  These readings can be done in a 30 or 60 minute format.

Tarot readings are excellent for untangling all aspects of daily life.  From big life decisions to how those outside of your life impact your events, these readings can give a wide range of possibilities and answers. Tarot readings can give you guidance on career, love, money, health, relationships, opportunities and more!

Full Tarot Reading (1 hour): $100  Book Now
Compact Tarot Reading (30 Minutes): $70  Book Now

Archangel Readings

These readings are generally performed with clients who prefer to work with archangel energies.  They are similar to Tarot Readings and will generally provide overall guidance from the Archangels in current life situations.  These readings can also be done for more specific questions so they are also available in a single question format.

In these readings, Lady Raven connects with her own Angelic spirit guides to open a direct path and channel to Archangels.  Archangel readings are fantastic for those working with emotional issues and trauma.  They help with spiritual development, give you guidance in relationships, health and how to achieve balance in your life.  Archangels are more concerned with emotional and spiritual development as opposed to material matters, so these readings tend to work best for matters of the heart and spirit!

Full Archangel Reading (45 Minutes): $85  Book Now
Compact Archangel Reading (25 Minutes): $50  Book Now
One-question Archangel Reading (10-15 Minutes): $35 Book Now

Animal Totem Card Readings

These readings use shamanic totems and principles to provide clients with guidance in life as well as answers to specific questions.  These readings can also provide clients information about animal totems that may be currently willing to work with each person as they walk down their spiritual path.

Lady Raven has long since worked with Animal totems in her spiritual practice.  During totemic guidance readings she connects with her totems and engages them to connect with any totems that either already work with you (whether you are aware of it or not) or that are willing to work with you.  Animals Totems are powerful spirits and guide us in everyday issues.  Totemic readings work best for spiritual and psychic development but they can also help to bring change to your life or understand why blockages keep stopping your progress.

A totem discovery reading will unveil any totemic spirits that may be able and willing to work with you at this time in your life to aid you in what areas they can provide guidance in.  Once you know which Totems are available to you, then it is up to you to decide whether or not to accept that aid and engage in that new spiritual relationship.  Animal totem guides can change during the course of our lives as we encounter issues and problems.  They come and go as we learn old lessons and uncover new challenges.  Even if you already have a long standing relationship with an animal ally, a totem discovery can bring to light other spirits that can be called upon for aid, without having to relinquish the relationship you already have!

Full Animal Totem Reading or Animal Totem discovery (45 Minutes): $85  Book Now
Compact Animal Totem Reading (25 Minutes): $50   Book Now
One-question Animal Totem Reading (10-15 Minutes): $35  Book Now

Stone Casting

Stone Casting is a divination method that Lady Raven developed using crystals and their energies.  Stone Castings generally require very specific questions and should be done either in person or over Skype/Google Hangouts. These readings have a very visual nature and so they cannot be done over the phone. These readings are excellent for very specific questions, and are mostly Empathic based.

Stone Casting Reading (15-20 Minutes): $45  Book Now