Other Services!

Lady Raven provides a wide range of services.  Please note that these services have no prices posted as they will be priced on a case by case basis.

Lady Raven no longer performs weddings, so if you are looking for a wedding Ceremony feel free to contact us and we will be happy to refer you!  Please note that in some cases, depending on what you need to have done, a reading may need to be done before any energetic work is attempted so that we can see the complete situation and how we can best affect it.

Cord Cuttings

Sometimes we become so attached to people and things to such an extent that a cord cutting is require so that we can progress with our lives.  Cord cuttings generally take place as part of a healing process, when we are attempting to leave painful situations in our past so that we can build a new path for ourselves.  Cord cuttings will generally have a mundane plan associated with them that you will need to perform as well as any energetic work done on your behalf.  Each case is different depending on situation and Lady Raven will provide specific instructions on what you will need to do.

Protection and Blessings

Protection and Blessings can be performed both in person or at a distance.  In some cases we may need a picture of the home/vehicle/person/animal to be protected and/or blessed.

Prosperity, Abundance and Healing

Work for prosperity, abundance and healing can also be performed.  Generally this will come with a mundane plan that you will need to follow in order to see final results, therefore a specific goal and intent will be needed.  Please note that Lady Raven does not do general “luck” or “money” spells as some other practitioners do.  You must have a goal that you are actively working towards for the best possible results.

Love and Romance

Magick for love and romance can be tricky.  Generally Lady Raven will not do any work to bring a specific person into your life or to keep a specific person into your life.  Love spells work best when they are left up to the universe to bring the right person into your life.  If you are currently in a difficult romantic situation she will not do any work on your behalf to “hold” your current partner in your life.  This is because these spells generally have bad side effects – you may keep the person in your life but in return you may both be miserable.  If you are in a difficult situation such as this, consider having a reading first to find out what your next steps should be and make your choices at that time.  If you are currently just looking to spice up your love life a little with your current partner that can also be accomplished!

Uncrossing and Hex Removal

It is rare that someone is actually hexed or crossed by another person but it does happen.  It is important to understand that a cross or a hex is simply just negative energy or spirits sent your way.  It can at times be done by people with no magical training, simply with negative thinking, envy, resentment or other bad feelings.  We can at times cross ourselves also if we are caught in a negative life pattern.  Negative spirits can at times be picked up and will linger around people.  With uncrossing and hex removal we will generally need to do a reading first to understand the extent of the situation before any work is done.  Uncrossing and hex removal is amongst the most difficult and time consuming work and will always require you to follow up with a mundane plan as well.

House Cleansing and Blessing

If you are local in York County, SC or Mecklenberg or Gaston County in North Carolina, Lady Raven offers new home blessings and cleansing.  This service is generally performed at your location, and all supplies needed are brought.  Depending on the service or infestation, this service can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  House cleansing is idea for locations with a lot of negative energy infestation, spirits and other nasties.  A new home blessing is excellent for protecting and blessing your location before you move in.  Generally all members of the family who live or plan to live at the location (excluding children under 12) need to be available for a short counseling session before services are rendered.  Please contact Lady Raven for more details!

Custom Spiritual Blends

Being and herbal spiritualist, Lady Raven can also blend products for your specific needs or goals.  Before you ask for a custom blend, it is highly recommended that you look in her store, ravenmoonlight.com for a blend before asking for a custom blend.  If you still wish to have your own custom blend made, you will need a specific goal or intent.