Classes Available

Raven teaches a variety of classes in-store and online.

Please note that our online class selections are currently limited to the Wicca course (Wicca 1, 2 and 3) and Spiritual Herbalism (Coming October 2018).

All other classes listed below are available at our location in Rock Hill.  We will also be offering some classes in Charlotte at Elemental Healing starting in June 2018.  Please be sure to check our class calendar for current offerings here

Classes and Workshops Offered

  • Working with Crystals
  • Crystal Divination
  • Power Crystals
  • Basics of Smudging
  • Learning to Meditate
  • Learning to Tarot
  • Tarot Magick
  • Candle Magick
  • Meeting the Archangels
  • Effective Spellcasting
  • Power Animals
  • Poppets, Sachets and Mojo Bags
  • Principles of Intuitive Development
  • Working with the Gods and Goddesses
  • Creating Effective Altars
  • Unhexing your life!

More classes are added every month! Be sure to check our online Calendar for new class offerings!

You can look for upcoming classes here